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September is Mold Awareness Month

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When it starts getting cooler in September, we know Fall is just around the corner. However, for those in the industry this is a reminder that September is National Mold Awareness Month. Here in Panama City Beach and Destin, homeowners begin to prepare their home for the Fall or work on some home projects they previously were not able to do because of the Summer heat. At Green Air Technology, we feel this is an excellent time to start inspecting your home to make sure mold is not developing. As our contribution to Mold Awareness Month, we have put together a few easy tips to help you in the mold inspection process.

Of course if you want a professional Mold inspection of your Panama City Beach or Destin home, you can contact us and we would be happy to help.

Mold Inspection Tip 1: Reduce humidity.
This can seem impossible in Florida at times, but it can be done. Kitchens and bathrooms should have good ventilation and an exhaust fan if applicable. Keep the AC running, it will remove moisture from the air which will prevent mold growth. Next, inspect the AC Drain lines to make sure they are clean.

Mold Inspection Tip 2: Control/fix moisture problems.
Inspect under your sinks and cabinets for any leaks and fix immediately! Your doors and windows can collect moisture from the cool air inside creating condensation from the hot Summer air outside. Mold may have started to develop here, so this is something you will want to look at.

Mold Inspection Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to talk to an expert.
Some visible mold in isolated spots can be cleaned up, but what is hiding underneath? If there are symptoms of mold that you cannot identify, seek the help of a Panama City Beach or Destin Mold Professional like Green Air Technology.

Green Air Technology hopes you are having an amazing September!

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