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Spring allergies are still raging

Do you have spring allergies every year? If so, you most likely still have them as we move into summer. Part of the problem this year was the high to extreme tree pollen levels being measured. Symptoms: These symptoms include froggy throats and voice problems on top of all the typical allergy symptoms. Tree and grass pollen […]

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Avoid Mold, Take Preventative Measures

Mold is ugly yes, but it can damage the structural integrity of your home or business and perhaps, most concerning, damage your health. Hidden leaks and humid basements are just some of the most popular sources for creating moisture, the perfect ingredient for mold. Mold Prevention Tips Keep Things Dry, This means making sure you […]

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Mold linked with Child Illness

Mold and illness are something we talk about all the time. We came across this story of a girl in Mercer County. It is an interesting read and very worth your time if you believe your home may have mold. The Article:

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The Difference Between Mold and Mildew

Are there differences between Mold and Mildew? Research shows that many homeowners are confused about the difference between the two. The truth is, many will call what is really dangerous mold, “Mildew“. It is interesting that from a technical standpoint, there is no significant difference between mold and mildew, because mildew is a subgroup of […]

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Allergies flare up after it rains?

It happens to many, rain comes and refreshes your garden and makes everything look revived, and then makes you miserable with allergies for a few days. But it’s not spring yet, what gives? A possible cause for your allergies after rain For some people, mold spores can actually cause more of an allergic effect than […]

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Air Quality Indoors should be a Key Concern after Water Damage

Panama City Beach, FL has received it’s share of rain this year, and the past several years actually. With the heavy spring and summer rains unfortunately homes can and do get flooded. Standing water and wet materials is the perfect place for microorganisms, viruses and mold to form. The Danger to your Air Quality When […]

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Is your Panama City Beach Mold Inspector operating legally?

Florida sets specific statutes that a Panama City Beach Mold Inspector must follow to perform a mold testing operation legally. Is the mold testing company your are considering operating legally? It is something important to consider, as the health of your family could be at risk. Official 2013 Florida Statutes Highlights of the Statutes A […]

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Should you use a DIY mold testing kit?

In a recovering economy many are showing the DIY spirit. This is very commendable, but can you DIY mold testing? Perhaps the better question is, “should you DIY something as serious as mold testing”? Many kits are available, but can be deceiving and inaccurate. So much so that insurance companies and other authorities do not […]

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Is Indoor Air Quality REALLY that important?

When we think of the environment in general, we think of the outdoors. But we all have an indoor environment as well. And it is important that we take care of that as well. Indoor Air Quality, IAQ for industry professionals, is what surrounds most people for about 90% of their time. Why? Because that […]

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