Mold Testing

Panama City Beach Mold Testing & Inspection

Expert Mold & Air Testing in Panama City Beach, Florida

We come to your home or business and use particle testing, thermal imaging and moisture meters to check for water intrusion and mold spores.

Green Air Testing views each situation as unique and we will select the best method of testing your structure.

Lab Tested Results

The mold samples we collect are sent to a ALHA-CAP Accredited lab, where an industrial hygienist performs a gene/specific identification and the number of spores in the cassettes, tape lift or bulk sample. Green Air Technology can evaluate and communicate the results of the air quality test in your home or commercial building, to see if the air you are breathing is mold free.

Mold Problem Symptoms

  • Does your air smell musty or stale?
  • Are you plagued with sinus or respiratory problems?
  • Do you see active mold or mildew growth?

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Mold and your Health

Everyone is concerned about molds effect on their health, but, there is a misconception about “Visible Mold“. When homeowner sees mold on their walls, in their bathrooms or on furniture, that is when they believe it is time to take action. However, mold is caused by spores in the air, so removing just the visible mold may not remove the health concerns. We use the “Bioaersol method” which is the capturing of particles you breathe with a pump and cassette, then we have it professionally analyzed for count and type. This is True air quality testing.

The Best Panama City Mold Testing

This is because Green Air Technology focuses 100% on mold & air testing. This has allowed us to perfect our methods of mold testing, increase our education and provided the desired experience for those in our team.