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Is your Panama City Beach Mold Inspector operating legally?

Florida sets specific statutes that a Panama City Beach Mold Inspector must follow to perform a mold testing operation legally. Is the mold testing company your are considering operating legally? It is something important to consider, as the health of your family could be at risk. Official 2013 Florida Statutes Highlights of the Statutes A […]

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Bleach and Mold Cleanup

A misconception exists about the use and effectiveness of chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) in the removal of mold.  Bleach, commonly referred to as laundry bleach, is generally perceived to be an acceptable solution to remove mold.  Health departments and other government agencies helped with spreading the myth.  The Environmental Protection Agency no longer endorses the […]

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Health Problems and Mold

One contribution to ongoing health problems could be excessive concentrations of mold in the home. Mold can cause adverse health effects with inflammation, infections and allergies, and reactions are common following mold exposure. Mold exposed individuals report symptoms that can include: Respiratory problems, i.e. difficulty breathing, wheezing or shortness of breath Burning, watery or reddening […]

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Good, Bad and Normal Mold

Since I am in the mold inspection industry, I am frequently asked about good and bad mold. Honestly, this is a tough question. I believe that we should actually have 3 categories, Good, Bad and Normal. What makes a mold “good”? When used for medicines, or in the production cheeses, they can be good. Really, […]

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