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Good, Bad and Normal Mold

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Since I am in the mold inspection industry, I am frequently asked about good and bad mold. Honestly, this is a tough question. I believe that we should actually have 3 categories, Good, Bad and Normal.

What makes a mold “good”? When used for medicines, or in the production cheeses, they can be good. Really, any mold outside our home is generally a good thing. Most folks generally do not notice mold unless it appears in the refrigerator or bathroom.

Normal mold that is found in homes are one of two types: Airborne mold spores and mold growth. There are almost always airborne mold spores floating around homes and offices. They enter through open doors, on our clothes and through any cracks or gaps. These types of mold are also “normal” provided that they did not grow in the home or office. Normal mold grows everyday in homes in the form of mildew, usually in and around showers and window frames. These surfaces are non-porous and are growing on a non sustainable food source. They are easily cleaned using household cleaning agents.

When mold grows within your home or office on a sustainable food program, the mold is considered to be bad, as it can potentially affect the air you breathe. These are considered elevated mold spores. These types of spores are not like the airborne spores I referred to earlier. Food sources can include your Sheetrock, the wooden frame of the home, the sub floors and any debris or contents
When these conditions exist, the removal becomes much more difficult for the average homeowner. Removal of mold problems is a technical process, requiring specialized equipment. Not only much you remove the materials that have been impacted, but you must deal with the airborne spores as well.

The first action you should take is to call an Indoor Air Quality Specialist. In the Northwest Florida area, from Ft. Walton Beach to Port St. Joe, Jerry Adams or Green Air Technology is available for testing in your home or office. You can reach him at 850-769-1700. With proper testing he can determine whether or not you have a problem with mold.

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