Moisture Testing

Panama City Beach Moisture & Water Damage Testing & Inspection

Advanced Moisture Testing in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Thermal Imaging is the most accurate way to check for moisture intrusion. The camera can scan areas of concern in your home where other moisture meters are not accessible.

It’s an expensive camera that works on differential temperature changes. We can visually identify the route of the water and the source of the leak in most cases.

Testing when Moisture is Found

If moisture is detected, we use non-invasive or penetrating meters to determine the percentage of moisture in the walls, ceiling and flooring. Also, we use thermal hydrometer meters to check amount of moisture in your air to ensure proper ventilation and that your air condition unit is working properly.

Why Moisture Testing is important:

  • Find the source of leaks.
  • Detect trapped water in walls, ceilings and flooring.
  • Determine if there is mold growth, or the possibility of it forming.

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What makes us the best Panama City Beach Moisture Testing company?

We know that Mold cannot survive without a water source. Our team is diligent at tracking down moisture and mold, and providing you advice on how to solve the problem so your family is protected.