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We are proud to offer our testing services to Destin Florida Homeowners and Businesses. Many are realizing the benefits of having their home or business tested for mold, moisture and allergies.

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Our Testing Services

Destin Mold Testing

Often Destin residents wait too long before getting their home tested for mold when its presence is suspected. If you see or smell signs of mold, getting a mold test by us is low-hassle and can protect your family from serious health problems.

Destin Moisture Testing

This is closely related to our mold testing service. The presence of excess moisture in the home can cause mold and other harmful fungus to grow. Moisture tests are relatively simple to complete by a trained and qualified testing expert.

Destin Allergy Testing

When Spring hits, allergies really flare up. However, we often find that many Destin families suffering from allergies can find relief by opting for an in-home allergy test. Why not get yours today?