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Should you use a DIY mold testing kit?

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In a recovering economy many are showing the DIY spirit. This is very commendable, but can you DIY mold testing? Perhaps the better question is, “should you DIY something as serious as mold testing”?

Many kits are available, but can be deceiving and inaccurate. So much so that insurance companies and other authorities do not accept their results. Green Air Testing is not going to leave you in the dark as to what the specific problems are of using DIY mold test kits.

Problem 1: Expiration Dates, You don’t know how long the kit you have purchased has sat on the store shelf, and there is no way to tell how much handling the kit has had.

Problem 2: Lack of a Control Sample, A control is needed to provide a reference and a validate that an elevation of mold spores exists.

Problem 3: Inspection, A vital part of a mold investigation is the inspection process which includes more specialized equipment than just a test kit.

Problem 4: Marketing, Consumers are mislead with the idea that the kit will specify which type of mold they may have. This is not true, and additional costs are most likely required to send out the sample to a lab.

Problem 5: Not Certified, Labs associated with many mold kits are not certified. Enough said there.

DIY Mold test kits may give you a very basic overview of your mold situation, however, you are most likely going to be throwing your money away, especially if you really do have mold. You need a mold testing expert. Fortunately , Green Air Testing is certified, qualified, local to the Panama City, FL area and ready to help.

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