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Prevent mold & mildew in your shower

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If you have a shower, you have seen mold and mildew in it. Apart from the fact that they’re unsightly and smelly, mold and mildew can be bad for your health.

Mold and mildew appear in your shower because its damp, and stays damp most of the time. It often shows up around the caulking, drain and the shower curtain. So, its ugly, smelly and dangerous. How do you prevent it?

How to Prevent Mold & Mildew in your Shower

Run the Exhaust Fan
Most bathrooms have one. Run it for at least 15 minutes after you take a shower. If you do not have a fan, try cracking a window. The goal is to have as much of the moist air escape as possible. Remember, mold and mildew thrive on moisture.

Clean the Show Frequently
We recommend a non-toxic cleaner. Clean everything, even the ceiling if needed, then dry it off. If you clean often, each cleaning session will only take a very short time.

Use a Shower Curtain you can Wash
Vinyl and plastic curtains are hard to clean and really attract mold and mildew. Going with something cotton or hemp means you can toss it in the laundry.

Fix Water Leaks
If your shower drips from the head or faucet get it fixed. This will limit the mold and mildew that can develop around the drains.

There you go! Some quick simple tips to prevent mold and mildew in your shower. If you think you might have a serious mold and mildew problem in your bathroom, then it would be best to call a mold expert  like Green Air Technology.

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