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Air Quality Indoors should be a Key Concern after Water Damage

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Panama City Beach, FL has received it’s share of rain this year, and the past several years actually. With the heavy spring and summer rains unfortunately homes can and do get flooded. Standing water and wet materials is the perfect place for microorganisms, viruses and mold to form.

The Danger to your Air Quality

When these containments become airborne and inhaled, allergic reactions can shortly follow. Of special concern is sewage mixed with the flood water, or sewage backup being the main cause of the flood, this means disease is a possibility. Even when the flooding is simply due to rainwater, developing allergic reactions, asthma attacks and other conditions should be of a concern.

Take Steps to Improve Indoor Air

Getting the water removed and your house dried is vital. Really dry. But you also want to consult an Air Quality expert to evaluate how the water damage has effected the air quality in your home.

Many people ignore the aspect of checking the air quality in their home when they have suffered water damage. Assuming the remediation company has taken care of everything. Having the indoor air quality of your home evaluated by an expert goes a long way in preventing health conditions and gaining peace of mind.

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