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Air Quality Indoors should be a Key Concern after Water Damage

Panama City Beach, FL has received it’s share of rain this year, and the past several years actually. With the heavy spring and summer rains unfortunately homes can and do get flooded. Standing water and wet materials is the perfect place for microorganisms, viruses and mold to form. The Danger to your Air Quality When […]

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Indoor mold, a health risk for Asthma patients

Penicillium, Aspergillus, and Cladosporium, all fungal species, have been found to cause notable health risks to adults and children with Asthma. In the united states, approximately 8% of all adults have asthma and 9.3% of children according to the CDC. The results are consistent from tests performed. Dampness feeds fungal contamination and increases the severity […]

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Is indoor air quality a priorty to you?

In general, families and people spend about 90% of their time indoors. Much of that time is at home. Hence the question, is indoor air quality a priority to you? If you have poor quality indoor air, that air can have a serious effect on the health of your family. These effects can range from […]

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Asthma related to Indoor Air Pollution

“Respirology” published a study on February 12, 2014 stating that Indoor Air Pollution, specifically mold and tobacco smoke is associated to asthma and respiratory problems. 5,729 middle-aged adults were questioned. The researches identified strong correlations for mold inside the home with asthma symptoms like wheezing and chest tightness. The increase of these symptoms correlated with […]

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