Talk with us about Mold, Air or Allergy Testing!

Mold Testing

Get the peace of mind you deserve. Have a conclusive, detailed mold growth test completed by local experts in Panama City Beach.

Moisture Testing

We use advanced thermal imaging technology to identify the source of water leaks or find areas that may still be wet after water damage.

Allergy Testing

Let us determine if pets, dander, dust mites or a host of other possibilities are causing your allergy problems. It's time to breathe easy again.

We’re Local

We live and work right here in Panama City Beach. We care about our community and about the health of the families in it.

Qualified & Trained

You can be confident you will be getting the most accurate test results and highest level of service.

Focused Expertise

20 year record of indoor mold construction, testing and following industry standards with continuing education.